The Truth About SEO In Phuket, Thailand

SEO PhuketAre you looking for reliable SEO In Phuket, Thailand?

Simple logic would suggest that merely searching for “SEO In Phuket” on your favorite search engine should prove whether or not a company or individual is any good as an SEO in Phuket. Whatever listing that’s at the top of the page MUST be the best SEO in Phuket. Right? After all, if a company or individual manages to get to the top of the search engine results page for terms like “SEO In Phuket”, then it only makes sense that they must be highly skilled to get to the top of the listings for those terms, since that is the very industry in which they compete! Right?

Not really… at least not in Phuket, and not at the time of this post (January 4th, 2014).

If you really need a good SEO, and don’t have the time, energy or money for trial and error while you search for a good SEO in Phuket, here is what you need to know to weed through the companies and consultants that really don’t know what they are doing to find the “diamonds in the rough” in the SEO industry in Phuket.

Phuket SEO: Lack Of Options?

We had our SEO people from America do an in-depth analysis on the websites found at the top of the search engines for any searches related to “SEO Phuket“. Some of the companies that are in the top 10 actually boast about the fact that they are in the top 10 for what should be a highly competitive search term. According to our guys, this is not the case.

Current State Of SEO In Phuket, Thailand (Thumbs Down!)In truth, all but one of the websites at the top of the search engines are VERY poorly optimized – both offsite and onsite.

One of the sites boasts about how professional they are, but apparently can’t afford anything other than a free site on Blogger to promote their services! Another site we saw – although it is supposedly a site for search engine optimization, was promoting 20 or 30 other businesses in completely unrelated fields. Still others had broken links on their own websites, including those links to pages for ordering their SEO services!

Folks, you don’t have to be an internet marketing genius to ask this question of one of these companies:

How Can I Trust You To Help Me With My Site If You Can't Even Get YHours Straightened Out?“If you can’t even get your own site straight, and you’re supposedly in that business, how on earth can I trust your company to get mine straight, let alone getting it to rank well on the search engines???”

SEO companies in pretty much every other local market in the world have literally tens of thousands – if not HUNDREDS of thousands – of links from other sites to theirs in order to be able to compete with their competition. All of their sites load quickly, and none of them would be so unprofessional as to promote other completely unrelated businesses on their website. In Phuket, that’s almost all that’s available.

So, it appears that what you see at the top of the search engines for searches related to Phuket SEO (as of January of 2014, anyway) are sites that the search engines are listing at the top not because of how great their websites are, or how well they are optimized. Apparently, the vast majority of them represent a lack of options for the search engines. They just don’t have anything better that they are convinced is more relevant for searches related to “SEO Phuket“.

So if you need an SEO in Phuket, what do you do? Are local businesses in Phuket just out of luck if they need to firmly establish their online presense, let alone actually earning a solid return for their online marketing budget?

Current State Of SEO In Phuket, Thailand (Confused)

In short, there simply isn’t anything better available…. at least, that used to be the case!!! We’ll go into that below, but first, we’d like to outline what we have found is a good set of criteria for finding a good SEO in Phuket.

Don’t Take Our Word For It… Check For Yourself!

Since we’re extremely happy with our SEO team, we are, of course, somewhat biased. That’s true. We admit it! However, the fact that we are happy with our guys doesn’t make what we’re saying here about the SEO industry in Phuket any less true. Don’t take our word for it, though! We advise you to check the facts for yourself, and we’ve provided a good starting point for your research.

We are building a section of our site on what we’ve found on SEO Companies In Phuket. For every company we find, we will build a profile page, detailing the pros and cons of what we find, with references that you can independently verify for yourself. Should you decide to check this out for yourself, here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Profiles for every SEO company in Phuket that we can find on the internet. (After all, of all of the industries and business niches out there, if you can find an SEO company on the search engines, it’s not likely you’d want to do business with that SEO company anyway, right?)
  • Pros & cons, what we think are the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Our featured SEO provider (Yes, it’s the one WE use!)

┬áTo check out the information we’ve put together, just click on the “SEO” button below!

We hope you find this information in your search for a reliable SEO in Phuket that actually produces results instead of just talking about them.

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One Response to The Truth About SEO In Phuket, Thailand

  1. Thank God for this article!

    We have been through quite a few companies and individuals here in Phuket claiming to be “search engine pros”, only to find that at best, they don’t know what they are doing, and at worst, they are ripoff artists!

    we appreciate you guys “cutting through the fat” for us and getting to the bottom of this. The entire SEO industry in Phuket needs a facelift, and it looks like you are trying to make that happen!

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